April 30, 2024

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April 30, 2024


HR Collaborative's Mission

The mission of The HR Collaborative is to bring together and expand the Human Resources community in the Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky regions, through networking events, cross-promotion of member organizations events and programs, and professional development programs and conferences.

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The Importance of Creating a Sense of Belonging

Leaders are working to adjust to the unprecedented demands of the marketplace, supply chain, and prospective employees. This conversation will provide some practical tools, strategies, and stories to assist participants in creating “People-Centered Workplaces”, where everyone feels a sense of belonging.  Current research has determined that employees increasingly struggle to feel a sense of belonging in the workplace. Employees are less interested in returning to an in-person job based upon the micro-aggressions and workplace exclusion they often experience.  The greatest indication of “belonging” for most people is answered by the question, “Do I see people like myself being successful here?” Creating a sense of belonging on a team requires group activities that help people feel accepted and included.

Maximize Training ROI: Boost Learning Retention in 3 Easy Steps

The session addresses the issue of learning retention in organizational training initiatives. It starts with a discussion on the financial implications of post-training rapid knowledge attrition and then navigates through three transformative methods aimed at improving learning retention: active learning, self-reflection, and nurturing a supportive learning culture. Edgar Dale’s learning pyramid is highlighted which provides a correlation between cognitive engagement and learning activities and retention rates. Actionable strategies are provided for organizations that want to transform their training programs from informational exchanges to retention-centric, collaborative learning experiences.

Thinking Outside Your Head

To say that we live in a complicated world is an understatement.  And the fact is we were all blessed with a brain, but is our brain designed to be effective in this complicated world?  This session will explore how we can give our brain a boost by knowing when and how you can “think outside your head”.  This session will give you concrete tools that you can use to focus your attention, improve your memory, increase your mental bandwidth, gain sustained motivation, expand your logical rigor, and become more proficient with abstracts that will allow you think more effectively.

AI Simplified for HR

In an era where artificial intelligence is more than just a buzzword, it's crucial for HR leaders to demystify the complex world of AI and leverage it for the strategic advantage of their organizations. This session, led by a seasoned AI speaker, facilitator, and strategist, is tailored specifically for HR professionals who aim to streamline their processes and incorporate a brainstorming partner of AI. Delve into an engaging dialogue that breaks down AI technologies in a simplified way. Discover how AI can be your ally in your work. This session will cover practical tools and use cases as well as pitfalls to empower you with the knowledge to be at the forefront of the AI revolution in HR.

The Future of HR is not HR

The last several years have brought unforeseen disruption and uncertainty that continues to evolve when it comes to the future of our organizations and economy, not just our work. Whether changing dynamics in what customers really need and want to economic and societal instability to what employees really want from their careers and lives. HR, Talent, OD, and L&D leaders are facing historic challenges in what the real priorities are, how we navigate an extremely competitive talent landscape, manage an exhausted workforce, and pressure to control costs. 

To turn this around requires more than just hiring and training great people based on their job expectations and then holding them accountable during their year-end review.

Diverse Development Strategy for All Generations

Traditional Development Strategy for Business focus' on creating an engaging approach to meet all necessary knowledge, skill, and ability (KSA) development for job roles. The miss is, we are not targeting meeting all diverse needs of the learner - rather having the learner fit the mold that works for our business. What if we turned this concept on its head and created a diverse approach providing multiple ways for the learner to access information and grow KSAs necessary for success in our organization? This program discusses three strategies you can implement to create a learner selected development program to meet THEIR needs.

Compensation Trends to Watch in 2024 and Beyond

Discussion around compensation trends in 2024, including what is influencing compensation practices, 2024 projected merit increase budgets, hot jobs, pay transparency, flexible work, and disruptors in the future.

The Business of HR

Balancing Profitability and People: A Strategic Approach to HR offers HR professionals valuable insights into aligning human resources with business success. Join John in this engaging presentation where he explores quantifying HR's impact on the bottom line and prioritizing profitability alongside employee needs. Attendees will unlock the ROI of HR initiatives, learn strategic workforce planning for sustained profitability, and discover actionable steps to enhance the employee experience. The session also delves into HR's role in community impact, fostering a positive workplace culture. Walk away with practical strategies empowering HR professionals to deliver measurable results for employees, the business, and the community.

Top 10 HR Trends in the Future Of Work [Insights from 250+ Global Thought Leaders]

The world of HR in business is ever-changing, and staying on top of the latest trends and insights can be challenging. Rated as a Top 10 Global Thought Leader in HR, Culture, and the Future of Work by Thinkers 360,  Jason Cochran has interviewed over 250 visionary thought leaders and business executives concerning the future of work. This interactive session includes video clips highlighting the impactful moments and unforgettable insights from these interviews with renowned A-List global thought leaders reimagining this next evolution of work!

Leading with Empathy: The Cornerstone of HR Wellness

Explore the transformative power of empathetic leadership in redefining HR wellness. Learn how HR leaders can shape business strategies that prioritize employee well-being, leading to enhanced organizational success.

What's Up with the Labor Market? Strategies to Attract Talent that Win Today

During the session, we will peel back the current labor market data to uncover motivations for both candidates and employers. We discuss easy ways to alter the talent acquisition process that produce real results to attract more talent. We level set on where the economy is regarding the labor shortage and projections from government agencies so that Employers can prepare for the future.

Cultivating a Growth Mindset

Participants will learn ways to cultivate a growth mindset in themselves, their teams and leaders they serve.

Positivity - The Excellent Choice for the Workplace

This workshop demonstrates how organizations can empower employees through the art of positivity to stay positive at work and receive the benefits. Practicing positive techniques can increase employee engagement, lead to better customer service, and reduce burnout.  Organizations should develop employees in multiple ways to ensure competency, productivity, and job satisfaction. Research shows that satisfied employees are 20% more productive than dissatisfied employees. Being positive is a choice an employee can always make no matter what changes an organization undergoes.


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