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HR Collaborative's Mission

The mission of The HR Collaborative is to bring together and expand the Human Resources community in the Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky regions, through networking events, cross-promotion of member organizations events and programs, and professional development programs and conferences.

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P.S. Keep Leading with Heart

The reality is, we all HAVE a culture- the choice is whether you're going to invest in it or not. In this session, we will learn about a new way that PEOPLEfirst is gamifying culture so that it can facilitate crucial (and sometimes uncomfortable) conversations in a playful way, that drills down to the core of what the company is and wants to become. Then we will walk through how to create a People Success Plan in order to live and breathe the values we define into methodical practice. Lastly we will cover how to gain buy-in from leadership around culture not being a "fluffy" elusive concept, but a practical solution to positively impact our people and our bottom line.

DEI for the Moment

How are we meeting the need or ignoring the challenges?

Diversity and inclusion have become not only an important area to address within organizations but also a hot button topic. In some companies it is a need and drives important initiatives tying to the people and the business. While in others it is a topic that sits in the shadows, creating more challenge than opportunity. Everyone says they want a diverse work environment, and companies understand diversity can provide numerous benefits, but do we really understand what it means to have and work with Diversity in the workplace? Join this discussion to address your efforts and challenges in DEI for your workplace!

Liability of the Untrained Manager

Most employers know that it is crucial to have well-trained supervisors to help ensure that rank and file employees perform their jobs effectively  and efficiently. However, many employers don’t realize how important it is that supervisors be trained to understand the many employment laws that govern the workplace. Untrained supervisors can take actions (or fail to take actions) that result in significant legal consequences for an employer. Join Katie Tranter of DBL Law for a discussion of best practices for training supervisors and reducing the potential for liability.  

Navigating Legal and Practical Issues in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

As the pandemic subsides, employers must now manage new workplace realities and the future of work.  In this session we will explore the legal and practical considerations in the post-pandemic workplace.  We will cover topics such as managing remote work and remote work agreements, culture shifts to stem resignation and re-engage employees, prioritizing wellbeing to mitigate legal risks and improve performance, handling covid-19 and reasonable accommodations and caregiver rights.  

How Will Machine Learning and Automation Revolutionize Recruiting?

With the recent changes to the recruiting landscape, talent organizations are being asked to do more with less.  We'll discuss how next-generation outbound recruiting techniques that leverage machine learning and automation can improve candidate quality, reduce time to fill, and improve the the ROI of every recruiter.

Intentional Leadership

In this session, Mike will share how the best investment a company and its leaders can make is in their people. Attendees will learn to walk alongside their people in ways that strengthen engagement and retention. They will help their teams learn to capitalize on opportunities that give them better results and also learn to strengthen all levels of leadership. His approach to leadership is unconventional and transformational.

How to Turn Your Website into Your #1 Recruiting Tool

A company’s corporate website is a powerful recruiting tool.  The reality is that every ‘A’ level candidate who is carefully managing their career is visiting your website and making assumptions about your organization based on what they find.  Unfortunately, many websites are not designed with the candidate experience in mind and fail to engage the right talent.    This program will illustrate how leading edge organizations are developing sites that are intuitive, experiential and most importantly help filter the right candidates in and the wrong candidates out.  The audience will be engaged, challenged and will leave with new ideas that can impact their organization immediately.   

From Tired to Inspired

Learn how your thought patterns trip you up and how to make small mindset shifts within yourself. What do we call this? We call this a Micro Shift. Mindset shifts don't have to be big and scary. Micro Shift helps you learn to make small adjustments and habits in order to make lasting and impactful changes personally and professionally.

In this session, learn how to tame your inner critic, slay imposter syndrome, and create a daily practice to work your mindset muscle. Attendees will leave the session energized with confidence and clarity.

Employee Benefits "Not Top 10"

Any HR professional who has employee benefits administration responsibilities knows that compliance issues regularly pop up for employee benefit plans.  In this session, Calfee, Halter & Griswold ERISA attorney, Jason Rothman, JD will be discussing 10 of the most common compliance issues that he sees when advising employers on their employee benefit plans.  In his discussion, Jason will cover health plan, retirement plan and cafeteria plan issues, best practices for compliance and IRS/DOL correction programs.  In addition, he will discuss employee communication compliance and strategies.  Attendees will take away a working list of items to review and assess in their workplaces and strategies to "clean up" any compliance issues that they may find.

What's Hot? Legal update coving the hottest topics on your desk.

We will do a legal update on the hottest issues crossing our desks in April 2023. Anything since the last HR Collaborative Conference is fair game. We'll cover the gamut from how to handle problem employees to ADA accommodation and how to address FMLA abuse ... and everything in between. Bring your questions, or if you prefer, "ask for a friend." It will be a fun session. Guaranteed!  

Embracing the Neurodiversity in the Workplace

"Invisible" disabilities, such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and more, can present challenges for individuals as they try to navigate a workplace with neurotypical expectations. In this presentation, we'll discuss how to not only meet the needs of these individuals, but also how to find ways of helping individuals with these disabilities thrive in the workplace to the benefit of both their mental health, their careers, and the success of the organization.

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