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Alex Bowden

Alex Bowden

Thursday, July 30, 2020 – 3:30 PM

How to Add Creativity and Customer Service Back Into the Hiring Process!

At a time when the fight for talent is at an all-time high, the level of candidate experience throughout the hiring process is at an all-time low. Companies are dragging employees through long and clunky hiring processes. They’re “ghosting” them for months like a bad date! They’re losing talent to competitors due to poor communication, wasted time, or either negative or non-existent employer branding. In this session, we will learn to look at hiring through a different lens: The Customer. We will explore the connection between each component of hiring and the immense impact it can have our organization’s success. We will also walk through exercises that show us how simple changes can have a big and lasting impact on our ability to secure top talent…and spend less money in doing so!

Learning Objectives
  1. Why it’s important to change the lens through which we view candidates and the impact on our bottom line
  2. To gain some actionable ideas on how to start making those changes
  3. To brainstorm immediate next steps and the cost-to-hire/retention value it will have for your company
Speaker Bio

Passionate, Creative, and Driven builder: of things, of people, of companies. Originally a professional dancer chasing her dreams around the world and aiming for Broadway. Reinvented herself using her passions and talents to help others achieve their own greatness. Overcame constant setbacks, harsh lessons, and failed dreams to build an entirely new career and become a thriving business owner by 30. Taught, coached, and mentored students, adults, and people of special abilities around Maryland, New York, Ohio, and South America. Constantly curious about the human condition- leveraging it to help others get out of their own way and achieve their potential. Brave adventurer who loves to travel the world, sample every learning opportunity, live vulnerably and authentically, lead by example, and dive headfirst into the most complex of challenges. Fierce champion of the underdogs. Mother of 1 independent and fun-loving toddler, partner/teammate/wife to the greatest man on earth!

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