Conference Schedule

2019 HR Collaborative Speakers & Topics

Speakers Name Program Title
Keynote Speaker
Curtis Zimmerman
Living Life At Performance Level
Lunch Speaker Panel
Jodi Brandstetter, James Biro, Tasha Turner, Todd Markle & Lynsey Gaca
Robots, Gigs and Wigs: The Future of Talent Acquisition and Fostering Amazing Hiring Manager Relationships
Carrie Alexander Financial Wellbeing
Dawn Hays Take the Red Pill – Becoming Conscious of Unconscious Bias
Dr. Carla R. Messer Deliberately Developing an Everyone Culture: Radical Ideas for Growing People and Profits
Elisabeth Galperin The Power of Productivity: How to Fuel Personal Productivity for Company-Wide Impact
Jeanne Holmes, PhD HR Metrics & Analytics: Moving Beyond the Basics
Kelly Holden Run, Hide, Fight: How to Prevent and Prepare for Active Shooter
Krissi Barr The Leadership Wisdom of Dogs: How to Get a Leg Up at Work
Lee Geiger, Esq. What Keeps You Up at Night?
Patrick O’Cull Planning for the Future of Work
Rocke Blair & Peggy West Driving Business Strategy with Benefits Optimization
Tammy Bennett & Faith Whittaker #NotHere: Strategies for Preventing Sexual Harassment Claims in the Wake of the #MeToo and Times Up Movements
Tom Daniels Leading Organizational Change: A Model for Change