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Lee Geiger, Esq.

Lee Geiger, Esq.

Thursday, July 30, 2020 – 2:30 PM

Forgive My Last Absence? Friday/Monday Leave Act? Addressing LOA Issues In the Modern Workforce

Tired of employees abusing FMLA and other leaves? Join the crowd! The FMLA may be the most important employment law passed in the last 30 years, but is it also the most abused. We will cover the latest updates on FMLA / ADA / LOA issues and offer practical ways for employers to combat abuse while still being legally compliant and ensuring that employees who truly need a leave will get it. Who says lawyers are boring? This session will be fun and you’ll learn something in the process … guaranteed!

Learning Objectives
  1. To understand the thresholds for FMLA compliance.
  2. To understand ways that employers can combat FMLA/ADA/LOA abuse.
  3. To obtain practical tips for addressing LOA issues int he workplace.
Speaker Bio

Lee Geiger is a partner at the Graydon law firm in Cincinnati where he is the chair of Graydon’s Labor & Employment Team. He is a legal nerd who enjoys helping companies of all sizes solve HR problems. No issue is too big or small. Lee provides practical advice to address chronic FMLA issues, hiring, firing, harassment and discipline problems, as well as dealing with the occasional employee who falls asleep in the restroom! Lee also represents companies in state and federal courts and alphabet agencies like the EEOC, OCRC, DOL, NLRB, OCR and OSHA. In addition to helping clients, Lee thoroughly enjoys presenting on HR topics to audiences of all sizes. He regularly speaks at state-wide and local conferences. He uses a creative approach with presentations because learning should not have to be boring! Lee is fortunate to have a great wife and kids. When not at work, he can usually be found sitting on a non-profit board or cheering for their kids during track meets or soccer, basketball, volleyball, or baseball games. Please introduce yourself to Lee after today’s presentation. He gets a kick out of hearing crazy HR stories and would love to hear yours.

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