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Jackie Messersmith/Bob Pautke

Thursday, July 30, 2020 – 8:00 AM

Shifting from Performance Management to Employee Development

While the term performance management may remain, the way it’s used to help employees perform their best is under major transformation. Layer onto this the urgent need for organizations to retain top performers and improve employee engagement. In the modern workforce, people are at the center of things and managers now serve employees in a bottom-up, coaching relationship, unlike the top down approach of the past. The concepts of management and leadership have taken big strides, which means that performance management needs an upgrade too. It’s time to be more agile and frequent, with goal-setting, measuring progress, and feedback in the mix. At its core, performance and engagement stems from an employee’s feeling that they are positively contributing to something bigger than themselves, learning as they go, with a sense of purpose and meaning. A strengths-based approach is the core of developing and applying employee’s natural strengths and purpose, and empowering others. We’ll discuss how performance management, employee engagement and employee development intertwine to transform organizations into modern thriving enterprises from ones destined to stagnate and fold. The purposeful individual is the epicenter of everything! We’ll leave participants with meaningful steps they can take to transition from performance management to employee development.

  1. Understanding why Engagement, Performance Management and Employee Development are Important
  2. How a Strengths-Based Approach can Improve Engagement and Performance
  3. Practical Steps to Shift from Performance Management to Employee Development
Speaker Bios

Jackie Messersmith, President, Talent Snapshot Jackie believes that great businesses are created by the employees that get up every morning with the intent of making a positive difference at work. Employees that can see how their work impacts the bottom line and success of their place of work are more likely to go the distance.

As President of SOAR with Purpose …a strengths-based Leader Development company whose purpose is Developing Leaders of Leaders… Bob enables others to make the highest and best use of their strengths. Helping people realize their strengths for life-long careers of purpose – and for companies to acquire, develop and retain the best of human character and talent. Organizations in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the U.K., and Europe have used Bob’s strengths-based approach to purposeful growth and improved performance.